Johnny Test Pornography Story: Youthfull enjoy that nobody knew Chapter 1

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Youthfull enjoy that nobody knew Chapter 1

Johnny was pushed roughly also kissed roughly by Gill. Then Gill was sucking onto Johnny’s neck making him moan out his name in a low voice. Johnny suddenly pulled Gill back up to his face then as rough as he can he kissed him. Gill licked Johnny bottom lip asking for entrance so Johnny granted entrance. Gill explored his mouth. Gill then grind against Johnny making hi moaning and arch his back. Johnny said bed now!. Gill pulled Johnny into a kiss again while picking him up and carried him to his bed. He threw Johnny on the bed. Gil started to take off Johnny’s shirt after the kiss.

Johnny layed back so Gill climbed on top of him. He then started to take off his own shirt. Gill worked on Johnny’s pants next. He also took his off then he wrapped his fingers around Johnny’s shaft . Johnny was moaning pretty loud so Gill quiet him down by kissing him. After of minutes Johnny moaned even louder while spilling his seed all over Gill’s hand but he didn’t seem to mind because he was licking his hand.

Then he flipped Johnny on all four and stuck one finger inside Johnny. Johnny just use to the first when he stuck a second finger inside of him. He then put a third finger Johnny kept pushing back oh his fingers that Gill he was ready so he grabbed the lube. He rubbed it all over his cock. Johnny beggedput inside me already. I can’t take it anymore I need you!. Gill didn’t need to be told twice so he lined his cock up with Johnny ass and saidits gonna hurt at first then the pain goes away. Johnny just nod his head. Then Gill pushed his cock inside Johnny as slow as he could. But Johnny pushed back and he hissed so Gill let him get use to the feel.

After a moment Johnny nod his head to let Gill know he could move. He moved slowed at first then fast. Johnny moaned his name so Gill thought i should make him scream my name!

Johnny moaned out faster. harder!. Gill grabbed Johnny’s shaft and started to pump it. Johnny’s moans threw Gill over the edge just as Johnny spilled his seed again all over his hands while screaming Gill’s name. After that Gill spilled his seed inside Johnny.

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