Johnny Test Pornography Story: Just A Test Chapter 1

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Just A Test Chapter 1

I decided to write a different type of story.

What do you mean?

Ive only written Pokemon so far, now I am gonna write a story for
Johnny Test!

OkayHow do you think youre gonna do?

Not so good.

Have some confidence in your self? Nobody likes losers.

Gee- Thanks.(sarcastic) Johnny do the disclaimer.

PokeshippersShadow1 doesnt own Johnny Test.

It sounds weird cause my name is Pokemon.

On with the story!


A Test!

and Susan were in their lab feeding Lolo. Johnny was in his room
looking deep in thought. Dukey was asking Johnny questions about him
being deep in thought.

Johnny dont think too hard, you might hurt yourself. Johnny
looked at him with glazed eyes.

save you from the pound when you were 15 months old and all you do is
make fun of me. Why Dukey? Why?! Johnny said with a fake hurt
expression. Dukey looked at him sadly.

Okay, He said holding his hands up. What were you thinking
about? He raised an eyebrow. Johnny had a look of panic, then
thought of something.

go for a walk? Dukey jumped up.

Walk! I like walking! He then began to run out the room. Ill
get my leash! Johnny sighed in relief. He then walked out the

was now 13 years old and was taller than Susan and Mary by a few
inches. However he still managed to keep his boyish charms, and face.
Before he left the room, he grabbed his black hat that had a toxic
symbol on the front. Dukey ran up to him and gave him the other end
of the leash. Johnny smiled at his long time friend. Together they
walked out the house.

Test! Johnny cringed at the voice. Sissy walked up to him. She was
the same height as him, and had her hair loose. She then punched his
arm. He chuckled and as soon as she looked away, he rubbed his arm.

what do you want? Dukey looked at them and shook his head. Sissy
looked mad.

could have asked more nicely. She clenched her fist.

should I be nice to you? Your never nice to me. Sissy looked down
and away. Johnny felt a little guilty but she has been bullying him
for a long time. Sissy looked at him again. Johnny for some reason
felt weak in the knees. She had such pretty baby blue eyes. Johnny
shook his head and began to walk away.

I- She started then looked nervous again. Johnny looked at her

you., he said and motioned for her to continue. Sissy took a
deep breathe in and let it out slowly.

I walk my dog with you? She finally let out. Dukey turned to

asking for trouble if you let her. He whispered. Johnny looked at

do you mean? He asked.

is probably gonna pull a prank! He whispered harshly. Johnny
looked thoughtful for a moment.

have a jet pack on, He whispered quickly. Then he turned back to
Sissy. Little did he know or see she was blushing and had her fingers
crossed. Sure you can walk with us. He said with a shrug. Sissy
smiled widely and.squealed. As soon as she did she covered her
mouth, and blushed. Johnny looked at her unsurely. Sissy then ran
into her house.

me 5 minutes! She ran up her stairs. Johnny nodded, then looked
down at Dukey. Dukey was laughing.

guys love each other! He was rolling on the floor laughing. Johnny
looked annoyed.

hate her! He crossed his arms. Dukey looked unimpressed.

Johnny, at your age hate is the same thing as love. Johnny looked
at him.

said the same thing two years ago. Dukey looked at him.

He looked surprised. What did I just say?

did I just say? Johnny raised an eyebrow cockily. Dukey looked
behind him, then his jaw dropped. Johnny turned around and his jaw
dropped as well. Sissy came out wearing a baby blue buttoned up
shirt. She had a white shirt underneath. Then she wore jeans and
white shoes. Her hair was loose and her bandana was white as well.
Missy looked cute as usual. To Johnny at least. Whoa didnt see
that coming. He looked dazed. You-um-didnt need to change.
He said unsurely and eyebrow raised. He looked her over, he wasnt
really complaining though. It made her look cute.

mean I could change if you want me to? Johnnys eyes widened.

Um-Lets just go. He began to walk away with Dukey, who was
drooling over Missy. Johnny looked at him confused but didnt say
anything. Sissy smirked and looked at Missy knowingly.

a dog that cant talk, youre really smart. Sissy smiled at
Missy. So.Where are we going? Sissy asked. Johnny jumped

the park. He looked forward again. Just dont look at her.
he repeated to himself over and over again. When they reached the
park, Johnny sat down on the bench. Sissy looked at him.

seem really tired today. She noted. Johnny sighed tiredly.

He looked down again. Sissy looked around. She smiled when she
spotted a ice cream stand.

about I get us ice cream? She leaned forward. Johnny blushed a
light pink at her closeness.

He nodded. Ill have chocolate. Sissy nodded and smiled. She
walked away to get the ice cream. Johnny turned around and saw Janet.
Janet smiled and waved at him. She then walked over to him. Her hair
was in a high ponytail.

Johnny! She said. What are you doing here? Johnny smiled at

am walking Dukey with Sissy and her dog. He said with a shrug.
Janet looked at him weirdly.

one that used to bully you. She raised an eyebrow, and sat down
next to him.

That one! He said while blushing. They chuckled together. Sissy
turned around with the ice cream in her hands. She gasped when she
saw Johnny and Janet laughing together. She almost dropped the ice
cream. Johnny looked really happy. She sighed and waited till Janet
left. Then Sissy walked over and sat down next to Johnny. Johnny
smiled at her, but she wasnt looking. She was looking the
direction where Janet had walked away in. You okay? He looked
at her unsurely. Sissy blinked and looked back at him.

I think so. Sissy sighed and began to lick her strawberry ice
cream. Johnny looked at her for a moment then shrugged. He happily
ate his ice cream. Sissy looked back at him. He had chocolate on the
corner of his mouth. Sissy blushed at the idea she just got. Hey
Johnny, she said shyly.

He replied simply not really paying attention to her.

you still like Janet? She asked while looking down. Johnny gagged
on his ice cream. Sissy looked up at him in panic and began pounding
his back. He coughed it up into the garbage. He was breathing deeply.
He threw out the rest of the ice cream, coughing. Sissy threw away
hers, and turned back to Johnny sadly. Missys eyes told her what
to do. Sissy leaned forward and hugged him, Johnnys eyes widened.

am so sorry. She said. She was trying to impress him and instead
causes him to choke. Johnny looked unsure.

It is okay. He then patted her back reassuringly. She sighed and
decided to give it one more shot, in impressing him at least. She
promised herself that she would no longer bully him, or anything like
that. It made her really nervous. She pulled away, and looked at him

wanna- She started. No. No. Never mind. Johnny looked at

is up with you today?! Johnny shouted and picked her up by her
upper arms. You hugging me, being nice to me, and getting sad when
I talk to other girls! What is wrong with you?! Sissy looked
scared then annoyed.

am trying to be nice, and I am doing She trailed off then
smirked. a test.

test? What kind of test? Sissy smiled at the question.

will show you. She said. Johnny nodded. Close your eyes. She
said smoothly. Johnny did as he was told. Sissy bit her lip and
leaned forward. She kissed him. Johnnys eyes widened, then he
sighed happily. He closed his eyes and leaned towards her. Sissy
pulled away, and smiled. Johnny groaned annoyed and kissed her again.
She smiled against his lips, and let out a quiet moan. They both
pulled away.

Johnny moaned happily. My kind of testing. Sissy giggled at
him. Can we do another? He asked playfully. Sissy giggled

push your luck, Test! Sissy said playfully. Johnny leaned forward
to kiss her again. Sissy smiled and jumped off the bench. Johnny
groaned annoyed again. He jumped up and began to chase her. Sissy
smiled and began to run away with the dogs running with them.



Wasnt I a little out of character.

Not in the end.

Hey this is my first Johnny Test Story!



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