Johnny Test Pornography Story: It Had to Be a Cat Chapter Six

Johnny Test Pornography Story: It Had to Be a Cat Chapter Six

6: Mister Mittens Last Attempt

Mittens, in spite of being an evil genius cat wanted to make a last
minute amends to a certain Johnny Test who was in a panic mode for
the first time in his life on what to do when Janet Nelson Jr., would
come home only to find part of it destroyed. The poor Test boy was
pacing around while Mister Mittens was trying to come up with some
sort of a plan.

the heck am I going to do?! cried Johnny, Janets going to
come home to find part of her mansion destroyed!

said relax kid replied Mister Mittens, all we have to do is get
this white paint off of me, and expose my brother then hell be the
one to be taken away.

on the part of me being put on Janets Permanent Uncool List!
bellowed Johnny at Mister Mittens.

think I know a solution on how to fix our little problem here
added Dukey.

how is that? asked both Mister Mittens and Johnny.

the construction drones from Johnnys sisters, I always have a way
to enter the lab secretly when these sort of emergencies come about
replied Dukey.

how are we going to get there in time? asked Johnny.

I took the remote controller from the lab long ago replied Dukey
as he took the remote out of his inventory.

the construction drones themselves emerged from the scene, and began
to literally repair the literal whole in the wall created by the
rocket which Mister Whiskers came in. Mister Whiskers couldnt
believe his eyes who was secretly hiding behind a tree with Mister
Mittens former butler.

dont believe it, I certainly didnt see something like that
coming said Mister Whiskers.

sir, it seems you will have to come up with some other ways of
destroying the mansion said the butler, seems that talking dog
there is quite resourceful for the Test boy.

it seems like a certain Janet is going to come home a little bit
early said Mister Whiskers as he got out his communicator and
handed it over to the butler, here you call her.

sir, I dont know her number said the butler.

I memorized it the last time replied Mister Whiskers as he handed
over the communicator.

go call her right away replied the butler as he took the

Mister Whiskers was attempting to get his brother in trouble for the
crime he committed, back at Mount Pork Bellys Sky Resort, a
certain Janet Nelson Jr., was just about to follow some of her
friends on a seventh run on the sky slopes. Suddenly, her cell phone
began to ring which she promptly picked it up.

asked Janet.

Miss Nelson, we have urgent news of someone destroying your mansion
replied the butler.

cried Janet as she also began to realize it may have also been the
work of a certain Johnny Test, Ill come right away!

hope to see you there replied the butler as he then hang up the
communicator and handed over to Mister Whiskers.

ha, there he is! cried Mister Mittens as he noticed his brother
outside the mansion watching the construction drones rebuild the part
of the destroyed mansion.

we have to get the heck out of here before Janet comes back! cried
Mister Whiskers as he and the butler began to make a literal run for

dont understand sir, why didnt you try to bring a second rocket
here? asked the butler to Mister Whiskers as they began to run
through the large mansion.

the plan just came to me! replied Mister Whiskers, Now hurry,
we have to get the heck out of here!

him! cried Johnny as he along with Dukey and Mister Mittens were
chasing them down.

was just simply a maze, the entire mansion was for the five running
through it. At one point, Johnny managed to grab Mister Whiskers by
the tail, to which the cat himself began to climb up the wall with
his claws. Even tearing the expensive wall paper right off.

ya! cried Johnny as he struggled to control Mister Whiskers.

you caught me, but youll never get away with it, even though I
might have been revealed in attempting to also get rid of my long
lost brother, youll be forever ending up on Janets Permanent
Uncool List! laughed Mister Whiskers.

if Mister Mittens is exposed, as are you added Dukey after Johnny
put Mister Whiskers down next to Mister Mittens, Dukey threw a bucket
of water on the two cats with revealing their original fur colors.

was also just then Janet came right into the scene after rushing
through the usual traffic while back on the very helicopter she went
right on.

the heck is going on here?! cried Janet as she noticed that Mister
Whiskers was literally all wet, You better have a good excuse Test
on why I shouldnt put you on my Permanent Uncool List!

I can explain, actually, Im a bit confused myself on whats
going on replied Johnny as sweat began to run down his forehead.

I want you out of here! cried Janet to which she then snapped her

security guards came into the scene and grabbed Johnny, Dukey along
with the butler and Mister Mittens. They were immediately escorted
toward the gate of the mansion where they were promptly booted right

this was certainly predictable said Dukey as he was thrown flat
right on his face by the security guards.

take your special construction drones out too added one of the
security guards as he threw each one of the construction drones out.

I guess most of this is certainly mine fault on why youre not
going to be on this Janets Permanent Uncool List, at least its
no hard feelings now that I have at least helped you to make matters
not even worse than they are said Mister Mittens as he got up
after he was thrown out.

this now gives me a whole new meaning on why I dont like cats
said Johnny as he grabbed the construction drone remote controller
from Dukey, construction drones, charge!

I certainly didnt see this coming, run! cried Mister Mittens to
his butler.

the two began to run for their lives from the construction drones,
Johnny and Dukey then began to give chase.

do whatever you want to get this Janet girl back to liking you!
cried Mister Mittens as one of the construction drones was moving on
him with an automatic screw driver being turned on.

a chance replied Johnny.

scene then promptly ends with Mister Mittens and his butler both
began to scream for their lives as they head off back toward the town
itself with the construction drones, Johnny and Dukey following right
behind them.

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