Johnny Test Pornography Story: Johnny the Pornography Starlet – Chapter 1

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Johnny the Pornography Starlet – Chapter 1

Johnny went to school one day and had gym. For gym, he needed to get dressed, but he went commando. “Haha! Look at Johnny’s penis! It’s not even an inch long!” Some kids said to him. He ran out of school and towards home. No more laughing at his penis!

Susan and Mary were home. They were testing on their monkey, but, the monkey wasn’t responding the way they wanted it to. “Susan, Mary, I need a big penis! I want a big penis! I have to have a big penis! I’m made fun of!” Johnny begged. Susan and Mary just looked at him, no responce. “I’ll do your chores for you!” Johnny said. Susan and Mary pushed Johnny into a chamber. “This is what we call the porn star chamber. It makes your penis and body look like a porn star’s penis and body.” Susan said. Mary pushed a button and steam started fuming out of the chamber. In no time, the chamber opened and Johnny’s penis was14 inches. His new found muscles were bulging and hard and his balls had dropped to his knees. Johnny hugged Susan and Mary and ran out, back to school. Dukey came in to the room and complained.

“Why would you turn Johnny into a porn star?” He said. Susan and Mary looked at each other and pushed Dukey into the chamber. Once the chamber was done turning Dukey into a porn star, Dukey said noting. His penis was now 12 inches and he had human like muscles.

Dukey went to Mrs. Test, who was washing dishes and started humping her leg, then he choked her until she passed out. “I’ve been waiting for a perfect time to fuck you.” Dukey said. Susan and Mary’s webcam in the kitchen was turned on and they could see everything. “It seems that once you are in the chamber, you have an urge to fuck people of the opposite sex.” Susan said. “I guess so.” Mary agreed. Dukey fucked Mrs. Test and came all over her face. His penis, right after the release of cum, grew two inches bigger. “It also seems that once you hit an orgasm, your penis will grow bigger so you can get bigger orgasms.” Mary said. “I wonder how Johnny is doing?” Susan asked.

Johnny was fucking girls left and right. His penis was now at 18 inches long. It was at least 6 inches thick. He was having a good time with his new body.

Mr. Test, now looking for his shoes, accidently ran into the chamber. Mary asked Susan, “Can we test more people on this porn star chamber thing?” Susan shook her head yes and Mary pushed a button. Their dad came out with huge muscles and a ten inch penis. Mr. Test looked at Susan and Mary and started masturbating to them. He came twice and his penis grew to 14 inches. Mr. Test smiled and said, “Where’s my wife?” As he walked out of the room, but the worst was soon to come. Bling Bling Boy (B.B boy) came in and said, “Mary! Fuck me!” B.B boy tripped and landed in the chamber. Something was wrong.

The chamber was now acting on it’s own and making B.B boy a porn star body! When the chamber was done, B.B boy had a 17 inch monster penis and muscles bigger than Johnny, Dukey and Mr. Test combine! B.B Boy grabbed Mary and ran off. Johnny came back into the room. “School was awesome! Where is Mary?” He asked. “Mary is now captive! B.B boy grabbed her after he went into the chamber! He turned into a fucking monster! His muscles are bigger than yours and he is going to fuck the shit out of Mary and soon, become unstoppable!” Susan screamed. Susan pushed Johnny and grabbed Dukey into the chamber. She pushed the button and in no time, the chamber was done with them. Johnny now had a 24 inch penis and giant muscles and Dukey had a 20 inch penis and bigger human muscles than his prior time in the chamber. “GO! Go out there and save Mary!” Susan said as Johnny and Dukey ran out of the lab.

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