Johnny Test Pornography Story: Studying the Test Ladies

Johnny Test Pornography Story: Studying the Test Ladies

Testing the Test Girls

(Mr Black/Susan Mr White/Mary)

Mr Black and Mr White parked outside the Test residence in their white van, headphones on as they picked up every sound in the house. Everything, down to the sound of the fly buzzing around the upstairs bathroom, broadcast over those headphones as they listened intently for any planning that would lead to a dangerous experiment.

A knock at their door pulled their attention away. Mr White got up to check while Mr Black continued to listen in on whoever was still in the house. He slid open the van door to see Mary and Susan standing there.

“Girls,” Mr White said, “Is there a problem?”

“Can we come in,” Mary asked.

“Fine,” Mr White said, standing aside as the Test Twins stepped in the van and sat on the stools opposite to the two agents.

“We’ll be frank,” Susan said, “We want you gone.”

“We’re on strict orders from the General to make sure you don’t do any experiments, and we’re sticking with them.”

“What about your own money press? You’ll never have to work again, and they create perfect fakes.”


“A cloning machine so you can go on vacation while your clones stay at work?”

“Tempting, but still no.”

“A robotic chef?”


“Cure for the common cold?”

“I trust my immune system.”

“What if me and Mary suck you off?”

The agents, who were taking sips of their lemonade, spat it on the floor of the van at that request.

“Yeah,” Mary said seductively, standing up and sitting on Mr White’s lap. “Susan and I have a thing for strong, secret agents and their secret work, and you boys must be so lonely. I can’t imagine your jobs let you get out much to date.”

“Well…” Mr White said.

“I’m sorry, girls, but it’s not only going to get us to stop, we could get in serious trouble,” Mr Black said, hitting his partner in the back of the head.

“We won’t tell,” Susan said, just as seductively, as she climbed into Mr Black’s lap. “We’re good at keeping secrets.”

The agents now looked very nervous as they both weighed the obvious benefits against the equally obvious repercussions of nailing the thirteen year-old twins.

But the girls, who planned this beforehand, knew exactly what to do. They dismounted the agents and made the decision for them, unzipping their pants and opening the button flies on their boxers before they could react. By the time they knew what was going on, their long, thick dicks stood rigid at attention only an inch from one of the Test twins’ mouths. Both measured in at around nine inches and were easily thicker than the girls’ wrists.

“You’re so big,” Susan said as she grabbed Mr Black’s rod, stroking it lightly as her sister did the same to Mr White.

“Oh, how I’d love your thick, hard cock in my wet pussy. Please say yes, Mr White, I want to ride you hard and feel your cum shoot into my slutty little cunt.” Mary knew those instructional videos on dirty talking would come in handy.

The agents were red in the face as the girls jacked them off slowly. How could they say no when they were tempted like that?

“Well…” Mr White struggled to find the words.

“I guess, if you’re so intent on it, we could make something up to tell the general.”

The girls squealed with glee before returning their eyes to the prize. Again, they thanked the “instructional DVDs” they watched as they took to their task. Their hands still sliding up and down the mens’ thick shafts, they leaned in and took their heads into their mouths, bobbing their heads as their tongues ran in circles. They continued to stroke them, their other hand joining underneath to cover more ground.

The mens’ shame and nervousness faded under the girls’ surprising experience as they enjoyed their first sexual experience in as long as they could remember. Their flushed faces returned to normal as they began to grunt and grumble under their touch.

Susan and Mary had their hands, and mouths, full, literally. They practiced on very special robot replicas of Gil, but they never designed him so well hung, so the agents’ size threw them off. Their hands didn’t fit the whole way around and they wondered if they could physically even try deep throating them. Still, they did their hardest, taking in more and more of their dicks as they blew off the secret agents. Their hands shifted, one still jacking them off as the other hand played with their balls.

More intently the Test girls sucked as they pushed themselves further down, stuffing more dick into their mouths as they slobbered hungrily on their meat. They wanted more, and the more they got in, the more they wanted in. Finally, they got as much as they could fit in without unhinging their jaws (an ability they made a mental note of exploring at a later time). They had no need for their hands and focused all their attention on pleasing them with their mouths.

This was when the girls went in different directions. Susan went with a slower approach, bobbing her head slowly and carefully, her tongue hitting all the right spots as she gave Mr Black a finesse-based approach. Mary was a lot more aggressive, moving her head quickly as her tongue waved and darted frantically.

Both approaches elicited moans from their respective partners, who ran hands through the girls’ red hair as they knelt before them. No reprimand from the general for not doing their job was severe enough to dissuade them from continuing. They thrust upward, pushing themselves further into the girls’ mouths as they enjoyed their long-overdue blowjobs.

The girls continued their work, servicing the agents as they began to forget what their plan was, losing themselves in their first real erotic experience. Their expert fellatio definitely took a toll on the agents, who punctuated their belabored breathing with grunts as they tried as hard as they could not to cum, desperately trying to make it last.

But the girls worked against them. Their skilled mouths pushed them to the brink, and they both groaned as the pushed the girls onto their dicks one last time, shooting their loads simultaneously.

The girls tried in vain to swallow as much cum as they could, with little success. The agents’ veritable loads leaked out of their mouths as they tried to swallow in all. It dripped down their chins, onto their shirts and even the agents’ pants. Moaning, they fell back, leaning against a buzzing recorder that stored recordings of the audio for later listening. Cum continued to run down their faces and clothes as they sighed, trying to lick as much up as they could reach.

“Girls,” Mr White sighed, his mind blown, “That was incredible, thank you. We’ll keep up our end of the deal now and-“

“No you won’t!” Susan said, rising to her feet. “You’re not leaving until you fuck me! You have me all hot, and damnit, I’m going to get my share!”

Mary looked up in shock at her twin sister’s tenacity and forward-ness, but she wasn’t going to complain. She stood up as well. “That’s right! Now get to fucking us!”

The agents didn’t need to hear any more. The agents’ limp lengths almost instantly re-hardened as they stood, returning to whichever girl sucked them off. Mr Black helped Susan to the ground as he lay down. She sat on his lap in the opposite direction as she lowered herself onto him, their lovemaking disappearing behind her black skirt.

Mr White, meanwhile, leaned Mary over a stool nearby. He pulled down her jeans to reveal her pantiless pelvis. He grabbed his rod and slid it slowly into her wet, cock-hungry entrance.

Both girls took a while to adjust to their size. Their cherries had long-since popped, again thanks to robotic Gil replicas, but he wasn’t nearly as big. They slowly got more and more cock into their warmths as they got their first feelings of pleasure from this encounter. With careful precision, their cautious inhales turned into pleasured moans. Soon, Susan sat on Mr Black with his dick buried in the whole way, and Mr White drove his meat into Mary to the hilt. The young twins moaned as they adjusted to the girthy dicks resting still inside them before saying, “I’m ready,” at the same time.

With that, Mr Black held steadfast onto Susan’s hips as she began to rock, moving away and up, then toward him and down, as he got a good view of her round little ass. He helped guide her as she enjoyed her first time, in the reverse cowgirl of all positions. Her tight pussy clenched down on his thick meat perfectly as he enjoyed the tightest fuck of his life.

Only inches away from Susan, Mary moaned as she leaned on the stool, Mr White doing all the work for her. His cock slid in and out of her tight cunt rapidly, driving himself deeply and quickly into her with each thrust. He panted heavily as he nailed the young genius, lying face-down on the stool. Her pussy was just as tight as Susan’s, but with the experienced agent taking initiative, he managed to get a bit more out of it.

Susan applied the same ethic to coitus that she did to fellatio; slower is better. She rocked slowly on Mr White’s length, taking movements as her pussy lips slid against most of his shaft. She moaned as she rode him, looking at her sister with a look of elation her twin shared. She let out a shrill cry as Mr White reached up, grabbing her small, barely-developed breasts and playing with them, his strong thumbs putting pressure on her nipples as they moved in small circles around them.

Mary continued to lie dormant, moving forward a bit as Mr Black’s thrusts pushed her slightly Her sister’s face was very close to hers now, and she could fell her hot breath against her face. In a move of pure passion, without knowing what she was doing, she reached out to her sister, grabbing her head as she pulled her into a deep kiss.

Susan, caught off guard, responded by reaching out and holding her sister’s head and reciprocated. She rocked faster against Mr White as she kissed her twin sister, lost in a flurry of passion as her tongue danced with her twin’s.

Their moment together was brief, though, as the agents took control. Mr Black took hold on Mary’s hair, pulling it as he pushed harder into her. The girl responded with a shriek as she let Mr Black ravage her so forcefully. She looked up at the van’s ceiling as the passion overtook her. Everything before her swirled around as she lost herself in the ecstasy

Susan was just as well-off. She and Mr White changed positions, and now she pushed against the wall, her legs wrapped around the powerful man as he pounded her for all it was worth. She shrieked as her hands found their way around his shoulders, and she thrust into his lap to complement his movements.

Everyone was pushed to the brink as they felt their orgasms building up inside them. Faster they fucked, intent on ending with a great, collective climax. And they got what they wanted. The agents thrust into the girls one last time, loosing their loads in their freshly deflowered pussies. The cum came hard and went deep, sending them off as well. They screamed as their wet, warm pussies clenched down like vices on the agents, trying to milk a little more cum out of them.

The agents fall back this time as Mary remained on the stool and Susan sank to the floor. Everyone was too pleasured to even consider moving and spoil the moment. For about ten minutes they remained in the afterglow before Susan finally spoke. “I think this is one of the best plans we’ve ever had, Mary.”

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